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Teen Stars of Hollywood


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Actors & Actresses

Jake Thomas is mostly known for his role in the Disney Channel Original Series, Lizzie Mcguire. Jake Thomas is 15 years old, and has starred in numerous films such as A.I, The Cell, and The Lizzie McGuire movie, Jake Thomas has also down many commercials, such as Jack in th Box where he portrays "young Jack", Jake Thomas is on his way to the top. I believe we will still be seeing him around.

Chris Dane, also know as Chris Ibenhard is not only a teen actor/musician, he is also an accomplished pianist. Chris Ibenhard, the star of AMTK (America's Most Talented Kid) is 16 years old, and is working hard on his career on a day-to-day basis. Chris Dane has starred in such films as; Junior High (WAM!), The Rainbow Klansman (Indie) and Disney's Movie Surfers, Chris Dane right now is at the top of his game, i look forward in seeing what else this kid has to offer.
Raven Symone is the star of the popular Disney Sitcom, That's So Raven, Raven-Symone started her career at an early age, acting in commercials, and then worked her way onto the Cosby show as adorable Oliva Huxtable. Raven has starred in such shows as Hangin With Mr. Cooper, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Raven has starred in such films as The Cheetah Girls, the Zenon Series, and Dr. Doolittle. Raven Symone, is awesome and she is just getting started.
Jesse McCartney is a teen idol, he has graced us with his musical skills, as well as his acting abilities. Jesse McCartney is the star of the WB hit show Summerland, and is currently working on his album with his hit song "She's no You".
Ernest Dukes' is a teen actor, who has graced the screen in many films, one Ernest's most recent films he starred in is Junior High, currently in rotation on the cable channel WAM! Ernest Dukes just like many teen actors, is on the rise to the top, Ernest has appeared in such films as Fight Song, and State's Evidence starring Alexa Vega from Spy Kids trilogy.
Kyle Massey is one of the star's of the hit Disney Channel Show That's So Raven. Kyle has guest starred in such shows as The Parker's and Moesha. Kyle Massey also has a brother who is also in the field of entertainment. Kyle has a bright future in hold for himself.
shia lebouf is the former star of the hit disney series, Even Stevens. Just recently, Shia starred in the Disney film Holes. Shia has starred in such films as Tru Confessions, and Hounded. Shia Lebouf is still in the game, and plans to release some more work this summer.

Cassie Steele is a candadian actor, who is currently the star of the hit canadian show Degrassi The Next Generation, Cassie Steele, has starred such Disney films as Full Court Miracle.
Hayden Panettiere
first made her on screen role in a film called Remember the Titans, starring Denzel Washington, and has recently starred in Racing Stripes, as well as a small role in Madgascar.
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Allison Brainerd is perhaps one of the very few female actress out here in this wonderful place we all call Hollywood with real Depth. She can play a ditzy little tenage girl (Junior High) or a deceased girl trying to save others from making the same death threatning decisions like in Deenie's Last Birthday, regardless of what role she is playing, Allison dominates it.

this is all a work in progress, so be sure to check back, this is just info i got from their agents.

The Stars of Yesterday. Today. & Tomorrow.